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Managing Stress and Anxiety During Challenging Times

Managing Stress and Anxiety during Challenging Times
When experiencing stress and/or anxiety try the following:

  • Create a routine- Anxiety thrives on chaos and uncertainty. It only makes sense that we would all feel anxious given the current state of affairs. Create as much of a routine as you can by getting up at a certain time, scheduling time for work, relaxation, and physical activity.

  • Rationalize- Anxiety likes to pull out the worst-case scenario. Reassure yourself as many times as it takes that you are OK. Limit watching the news during the day. The media drives itself on negative information that can be overwhelming. If you have to watch it prepare yourself for the negative information that you will hear and see.

  • Talk- Don’t be afraid to talk about your anxiety and stress. Find a good support system such as a therapist or psychologist and talk about how you feel.

  • Focus on the current moment. Although you might be anxious about something that will occur in the future, think about what you have to be grateful for in the moment and focus on that.

  • ​Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Instead of thinking “I’m not good at this”, think “What am I missing?” or “Who can I go to for help?”

Our staff at Essential Outcomes are available to help you. Give us a call.

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